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Ask POD: Get your mailbag questions in for a star-studded broadcast

You thought you knew offseason? You gonna get offseason now!

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It's a weekly tradition that we nevertheless scrimped on last week. I'm sorry. So very very sorry. Things are looking better now for your resident PODcast, which stands for Pride Of Detroit podcast (in case you didn't know). We've got a heavy staff presence tonight, which means it'll be more than just myself and Jeremy manning the airwaves and filling your ears by the time we're done. The gang's back together and we're ready to conquer your ears.

It also means we're back to questions, and I know y'all got good ones. Get them in! Leave a comment below or drop a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit or @MalkovichPlan on Twitter and we'll be sure to add them to the mailbag to be answered.

If you're new to the format, just know you can ask football-related questions or whatever else happens to be on your mind at the time. We'll answer anything, honestly. Want to know what we think about Daniel Bryan? Need another chicken recipe? Our hot takes on cake versus pie? Hell, we'll answer those with the same gusto we do anything Detroit Lions related. It's all good.

As always, download and subscribe via iTunes, or find the PODcast on Blog Talk Radio.

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