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Lions approval poll: Bob Quinn (February 2016)

Do you approve of the job Bob Quinn is doing as general manager of the Detroit Lions? Vote now.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a full month since the Detroit Lions hired Bob Quinn as their new general manager. And what a busy month it has been. Quinn has made several big decisions already, including restructuring the scouting and strength and conditioning departments. But none of his decisions were more important than his decision to keep Jim Caldwell and most of the coaching staff.

Quinn wrangled in several employees from the New England Patriots, including the highly-regarded Kyle O'Brien to the team's director of player personnel position. However, some of Quinn's most recent hires drew some criticism. Quinn nabbed a couple of college coaches in Al Golden and Brian Callahan, both of whom have gone through some serious recent struggles.

The Lions have yet to make any significant personnel moves, so it's hard to judge Quinn on that aspect of his job. But with free agency just a month away, let's treat this as a baseline approval rating.

Quinn doesn't have to be very popular to improve upon his predecessor, Martin Mayhew. Mayhew only had a 5% approval rating back in November, just before he was let go.

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