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Ask POD: Offseason romp continues with fun for the whole family

One of the worst weeks of the sports calendars is here. But transition/franchise tags start so uhhhh

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I got up today and furiously looked at the calendar and wanted to howl. I didn't howl necessarily, but the desire was there. It wasn't August, so it means it's still the offseason. Good for y'all. Myself, I had to watch the Grammy's last night, and I nearly chucked something at the television when Taylor Swift's style of music -- which can be adequately described as "a jar of overpriced Hellmann's with glitter" -- got accolades.

Then, I wanted to throw stuff at all the people strutting around telling me I shouldn't be watching the Grammy's, that I should know better. I'll find you in your worst moment and destroy your favorite china dishes.

Right. My fever will subside. Pride Of Detroit's unending thirst for questions shall not. It's a long offseason, and we touched on initial free agency musings and haters last week. Now the big news of the week moment, I need to flip through this script...

Franchise and transition tags? Really?

Goddammit, whatever. Look, if you got questions, Lions or otherwise, shoot them off. We'll talk about the draft, or free agents, or maybe the goddamn combine. But maybe you want to contribute to something else! Maybe it's the ongoing Cake vs. Pie warfare, or maybe you're curious about how we feel about some upcoming sporting event in something other than football, or maybe you just want to challenge our collective intellect, whatever that might amount to. Leave the question in the comments below, or drop a line on Twitter to @PrideOfDetroit or @MalkovichPlan. Also, subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes.

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