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The PODcast #22: Joique Bell, Rashean Mathis and where the Lions go now

Also: the horrible truth about Stevie Wonder?

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I don't think I should complain about nothing to talk about leading into a PODcast again. While I was raging and despairing about the calendar, the Lions were out making moves I wouldn't soon forget, cutting Joique Bell while Rashean Mathis checked in from a golf course to announce his retirement. That went out the window fast; the PODcast did not, and we quickly reorganized our carefully planned agendas to accommodate for this news.

The last part is a lie.

Regardless, Mathis and Bell make up a lot of our PODcast this time around. There's a lot to digest when it comes to how the Lions will miss them, what this means for the roster moving forward, and what the Lions can do with their cap money. Take a listen, and we'll break it down for you.

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On this edition:

  • Rashean Mathis calls it quits! We discuss his legacy in the NFL with Jacksonville and Detroit and how the secondary has learned from his experience.

  • Joique Bell is cut. We talk about the underdog story that was and whether or not one good year will be enough to help him land a gig anywhere else.

  • Armchair GM talk. Mathis and Bell have left the Lions more cap money and free agency looms. Will the Lions get another veteran corner on the market? Will they look to find replacements in the draft? How much are they willing to spend at either position? What will the next iteration of the running back by committee look like in the Motor City?

  • Mailbag, mailbag. We discuss All Star games, backup quarterbacks, the Detroit Pistons trade (?), the 2016 Olympics, Ryan Mathews gives us his WWE Fast Lane predictions and I plunge the PODcast into the dirty underground world where the truth can be found about Stevie Wonder. Tell the truth!

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