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Here's the best bits from Rod Wood's appearance on Detroit Sports 105.1

Rod Wood took callers on local Detroit sports radio about the Lions and the future of the organization

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Newly minted team president Rod Wood appeared on WMGC-FM Detroit Sports 105.1 late Thursday morning on the Ryan & Rico show. Wood fielded questions from the hosts and from listeners calling into the show. In the roughly one hour Wood was on, he covered a wide range of subjects regarding the Lions, and we've collected the best parts for you here:

  • The Calvin Johnson decision has not been made yet, and Rod Wood doesn't know which way Megatron is leaning in regards to retirement. Wood reiterated the stance of the Lions organization: they will not pressure Johnson to make a decision, although Bob Quinn has talked to him. Wood believes Johnson needs to take all the time he needs to make his decision. He also says that the free agency period is not a deadline for Johnson to make his decision.

  • The matter of general manager Bob Quinn's autonomy seems to be a constant question on the mind of Detroit radio. Rod Wood was adamant that Quinn has the final say on personnel decisions in Detroit. Wood also revealed it was Quinn's decision to retain Jim Caldwell as head coach.

  • The Ford family was a big topic fielded by Wood. Questions of succession after Martha Ford were heard, and Wood reaffirms that the Fords intend to own the Detroit Lions for a very long time. 

  • On rising ticket prices and fan belief, Rod Wood claimed to understand the skepticism. He defended the ticket price raise as a necessity to put revenue back into the team, and that the negativity will remain until the Lions start to win; fans are right to be skeptical until the team delivers.

  • On quarterback Matthew Stafford, Rod Wood claims that the Lions are "lucky" to have Stafford as their quarterback, and that many teams would love to have a player of Stafford's calibre on their roster. He stresses that the Lions need to build a better offensive line around Stafford to protect him and give him time to make plays. To that end, the team will be focused on improving the line during the offseason. 

  • Alternate uniforms are coming, and perhaps throwbacks in time. All NFL teams are expected to have a third uniform in 2016. It is perhaps related to the Color Rush series that was unveiled for certain teams during Thursday Night Football games, and indeed Wood claims that the third uniforms will be unveiled for a Thursday night game or the Thanksgiving game. Throwback uniforms were also discussed as a possibility for the 2017 season, but not 2016. There are also conversations going on about updating the standard home and away jerseys.

  • The dreaded cheerleader question. Rod Wood would not comment on the possibility of adding cheerleaders to the Detroit Lions game day experience, but also stated that everything is up for discussion.

  • Back on Calvin Johnson, and the question of the "culture" of the Detroit Lions pushing stars like Johnson and Barry Sanders to retire early. Rod Wood admits he was not around for Barry Sanders and does not know all the details that went into that matter, but he believes that Johnson's impending decision has nothing to do with any perceived "culture" of the organization (I've written as much that it's all about pain and injury).

  • Wood revealed that DeAndre Levy should be ready to play by the start of training camp.

  • On the firing of Joe Lombardi: Rod Wood was not on the staff at the time, but knows from others in the organization that it was Jim Caldwell's decision to let Lombardi go.

  • Finally, one caller asked straight up if the Lions have considered hiring a shaman or exorcist to attempt to expel the demons that have come to plague the franchise. Rod Wood admitted to the world that the organization has yet to consider hiring an exorcist. Classic first year mistake.
(Hit me up about the exorcist gig though Rod, I got some voodoo things and a copy of the Lemegeton.)

UPDATE: 105.1 posted the full 45-minute interview to their website. You can listen to it here.

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