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Theo Riddick cameos in the NFL 2016 version of Bad Lip Reading

The latest version of Bad Lip Reading is out!

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

When NFL Films releases on-field audio, it is almost always cinematic and enthralling. One only needs to look to Matthew Stafford's amazing "Sound FX" segment from his game against the Cleveland Browns back in 2009 to see how compelling it can be.

But the people over at Bad Lip Reading take something awesome and somehow make it even better. They take on-field audio clips, but dub over a bunch of nonsense that oddly almost always has something to do with food. And the best part is they don't even bother to make an attempt at any semblance of an impression of these players.

In their latest version, our good friend Theo Riddick makes a brief appearance, but the entire thing is definitely worth your time. If nothing else, it is lighthearted break from all of the daunting Calvin Johnson news:

If you missed the previous versions of NFL Bad Lip Reading, you can view them herehere and here.

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