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Ask POD: Combine mailbag edition

Got questions? We probably have answers, or we'll at least make something up. Have your queries featured on the PODcast!

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

A weekly tradition on Pride Of Detroit features you, dear reader, gathering around our great digital cavern and lobbing questions into its darkness. Then, later on, we emerge like ravenous jackals and devour those questions when no one can see us and provide you with answers.

So fire away. Ask what you want. Question us to your heart's content, be it about the Detroit Lions, the NFL, life, liberty, television or matters profane and metaphysical; we'll find a way to stick the questions into the PODcast somehow, one way or another.

(It certainly doesn't need to be about the NFL combine. In fact, I find no reason why it should. Will we talk about the combine? Maybe; it all depends on whether you regard the combine as football or not. But we will probably dive into other curious facets of life as Lions fans.)

Leave your question in the comments section below, or reach out to us on Twitter and drop off your question there for @PrideOfDetroit or @MalkovichPlan. You could also stand to follow either one as well.

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