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The PODcast #23: A first year football experience and more with HookSlide

We also talk this week about the combine and the Detroit Tigers' upcoming season.

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If you have been listening to the PODcast before at any point, you know that we tend to get a little lost in the weeds and deviate from football quite a bit. Certainly we've explored uncharted waters with the wrestling/wrasslin' affections among the staff, but on this week's episode we grew testy and decided to dial up an old friend.

Back in September, the man(?) known as HookSlide from our sister Detroit sports blog Bless You Boys made a bold decision and dove into football for the first time in his life, although he made the fatal mistake of declaring himself a Lions fan. Classic rookie mistake, I know! Nevertheless, he dove into our wonderful world and I joined him on his own podcast to talk Lions, so it was only a matter of time before we invited him into our humble audio abode and discussed his findings. A little baseball was talked too, because I'm really not about this combine life.

Right. Jeremy and I also talked a little NFL combine because some of y'all care about that.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • The combine! The combine? Jeremy and I argue whether or not we really need the combine or if we're just being weird about watching guys in athletic shorts and crypto-racist interview questions.
  • We also discuss the Roy Williams trade that went down in 2008 that was recently declared the worst trade in Cowboys history -- and somehow the "winners" there, the Lions, may not have come out that hot from it.
  • HookSlide is here! We start off by talking his "Hike Curious" experience, what it's like coming from baseball to football, how his social experiences changed with being able to talk about football and, most importantly, whether he'll be back for another season of Detroit Lions football.
  • Well we have to talk some Tigers now. I talk with HookSlide about my own falling in and out of baseball and we discuss the upcoming season for the Motor City Bengals (do people still call them that?). We get a quick acquaintance with the roster for the average football fan who will be bored in April.
  • Mailbag! Jeremy and I discuss our favorite sports video games, some important Lions draft talk, changes we'd like to make to the combine and whether you really need a fullback in the modern NFL.