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2016 NFL Combine Day 3 schedule: Defensive linemen and linebackers

A look at what to expect from the third day of workouts at the NFL Combine.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday at the 2016 NFL Combine is all about defense. Linebackers will join the defensive linemen on the field for the third day of workouts. Here's the general schedule for the day.

9 a.m. ET - 40-yard dash (Group 7)

10 a.m. ET - Position skill drills (Group 7)

11 a.m. ET - 40-yard dash (Group 8)

12 p.m. ET - Position skill drills (Group 8)

1 p.m. ET - 40-yard dash (Group 9)

2 p.m. ET - Position skill drills (Group 9)

3 p.m. ET - Three-cone and shuttle drills (Group 9)

NFL Network has all-day coverage of the event, and they will be streaming their coverage live on Chat about the day's festivities below.