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PODcast #20: A Pride Of Detroit preview for the Super Bowl

Ohhhhh it's the big one.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for the Super Bowl. The grand daddy of them all -- wait, no, that's taken. Whatever cockamamy slogan they've come up for the fiftieth game, the big hulk of a broadcast is ready to bear down on America. Fifty years of football nonsense, born of a desire to prove one league inferior to the other. It's been some kind of evolution that's brought the game this way, a wild and crazed spectacle that is synonymous with yet another holiday on a crowded February calendar.

But we need to talk about it. Specifically, Jeremy Reisman and myself have opinions on the Super Bowl and all manner of thing surrounding it, and we need to come at it from the angle of Detroit Lion fans. Who are we rooting for? Hypothetically, do we want more teams to earn their first Super Bowl victory, or do we want fewer until the Lions can win it all? Is it Peyton Manning or Cam Newton capturing our imaginations; the Broncos defense or the Panthers? Are we really ready for all the Cam Newton hot takes?

Also, I have a crazy idea about the future of the NFL: no more draft. Hear about it within.

As we keep saying every time, you can find the PODcast on iTunes and the Blog Talk Radio app. Won't you go and subscribe? It's episode 20, a milestone!

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