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Ask POD: Free agency mailbag

The great circus rolls into town yet again. Throw your questions at us. We're ready.

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Every week, we here at Pride Of Detroit put our minds and our voices together and make the PODcast. And every week, we ask for your questions to make the PODcast a better place.

(The PODcast, for those new to the System, is the Pride Of Detroit podcast. See it's capitalized PODcast because it's POD, which stands for Pride Of Detroit, but it also spells out "podcast" because that's what it i-*mauled to death by thirty jackals*)

The Lions universe is awash with news of free agency, tittering about free agents, waiting for free agents to sign already and welcoming the newest of free agents to the fold. We've got plenty of that to talk about. Hell, if you want to talk about the draft and trade bait, we already got that ball and the other ball rolling for you.

You could also stand to ask us about other things in life. We like to think of ourselves as hot take polymaths, and we will gladly play guru for a day if you'll only ask us about pizza or movies or what we think about the filthy degenerates who would deign to live in Wisconsin of their own free will.

Drop whatever is on your mind off to us in the comment section below or send a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit or @MalkovichPlan. Remember, your contributions help us shape the PODcast, which has become an unbelievable sensation and one of the most popular podcasts of the SB Nation offerings on BlogTalkRadio.

Download and subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes so we can continue our campaign of conquest there too.

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