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The PODcast #26: Okung, Tulloch; the last stand of Roger Goodell

What do you do when the commissioner has worn out his usefulness?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency was wheeling along just fine until the Russell Okung train derailed everyone. Now we wait for everything to get back to normalcy, so why not enjoy a fine refreshing PODcast with your day? Its low on calories and rich in D vitamins. A gluten-free option coming soon.

We discuss Okung's happenings and Marvin Jones and the Stephen Tulloch conundrum, but a good chunk today is given to the possibility that Roger Goodell could lose his disciplinary power depending how the NFL and NFLPA approach the collective bargaining agreement. If he does...what's his purpose anymore?

Goodell is a singular character at this point in the league's soap opera. He mets out punishment and then proceeds to fumble around with the fallout from said attempts to mete out that punishment. That's it. There's nothing else to his character. He isn't Paul Tagliabue and he certainly isn't Pete Rozelle. His involvement with the health of the league beyond discipline is suspect. He may be a punching bag to deflect blame from the owners, but as we discuss on the PODcast, some punching bags need to be replaced after enough wear and tear.

All this and so much more on the latest Pride Of Detroit PODcast, which you can download from iTunes or listen to on Blog Talk Radio. Help us crush the charts and bring Lions football to the land.

What's on the PODcast this week?

  • Marvin Jones! We're late getting in, but we dissect the contract and talk about why you need to view each free agency period in its own sphere.

  • The Russell Okung saga continues. Ryan gives him sage advice: "get paid young blood."

  • Stephen Tulloch is...still with the Lions? We discuss why there hasn't been any move to cut the linebacker just yet.

  • Roger Goodell could be losing his disciplinary powers as the NFL and NFLA discuss changes to the collective bargaining agreement. If he does lose those powers, it does beg the question: "what exactly do you do here?"

  • We dissect...this! Seriously, what is this?

    come on man

  • A delightful mailbag opens up with the possibility of a son being married off to a Packers family, which in turn opens up the discussion of B.J. Raji's hiatus (retirement?) and why the Packers refuse to spend any money ever on free agency.

  • More mailbag. March Madness is coming, St. Patty's is coming, and we've got plenty of questions to that. Also, Eric Ebron knows about the new jerseys. We don't but we'll recklessly speculate.

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