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Ask POD: It's March, only like six more months to go

Oh it should warm up soon at least oh what's this there's snow everywhere!

Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Every week, we turn to you and want your questions. Nominally, it's a Detroit Lions blog here, but we're not wont to turn away thought-provoking queries of any shape or form. So get them in! Your words will be guest-starring on the PODcast, the weekly audio format of Pride Of Detroit, and if your words are there it's like you're there yourself! Sort of.

We'll need your help in particular this week because...well, I think the Draw Play put it well.

Drop your questions off in the comments below, or leave a line on Twitter to @PrideOfDetroit or @MalkovichPlan. Once again, ask us about anything. The weather, some other sports, video games, food questions, whatever really. It's a fun little party.

As always, subscribe to our PODcast on iTunes! Leave us a review if you want and we'll shout out your name on a PODcast in the future.