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Ask POD: A night of fun and mystery

We're gonna call this PODcast "¡El Misterio!"

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The PODcast continues its offseason quest for dominance. We'll own it like it's never been owned before, and then we'll own it some more. We're not content to just be your source for Lions news and takes in the long time away from the game but also for the various games that Ryan Mathews cooks up.

Speaking of games, we've got a very important poll to pose to y'all before we get these proceedings kicked off:

Remember, be the future you want to be.

Anyway, it's another sad day. We lost Phife Dawg and we lost Rob Ford and kickoffs are probably dead forever. We'll definitely need your questions, because we love answering them and to be honest the PODcast is better for them. You can drop those questions about football, music, life and all the rest off here in the comment section or send a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit or @MalkovichPlan.

Keep subscribing and downloading the PODcast from iTunes. We need your support to keep growing this thing into the best damn Lions podcast out there.

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