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The PODcast #27: Draft is coming; Levy's war with the league

We're at the crossroads of the offseason. The PODcast discusses the biggest Lions happenings.

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Would you look at that? It's nearly April already. Surely, football must be right around the corner. No? Alright, at least the draft is, and we know how much y'all like talking about the draft; all things draft: what the Lions should do during the draft and what they must do. It is a great and serious task, and we're diving into it on the PODcast this week. Getting your feet wet, as it were.

Up until this moment, the Lions-land faithful have pegged one guy to be "that guy," the player the Lions must draft, they must get him now. That being said, free agency happenings may have changed that sentiment! Is there perhaps another favorite for the Lions to take in the first round? We'll talk about that and a lot more on the PODcast.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • How has free agency changed the draft outlook? What will be available for the Lions' needs? Have we considered what might happen in the second round yet?

  • The ownership meetings are going on down in Boca Raton, and several new rules have been changed for the 2016 NFL season. We discuss the implications of a few of them.

  • Jerry Jones continues to deny the well-proven link between CTE and football, while DeAndre Levy continues to take the NFL to task for its denial policies on the scourge. We break down the two sides of the issue.

  • Mailbag this week asks about MLS in Detroit, Zach Zenner, 3-4 defense, Corey Fuller and celebrity deaths (RIP Phife Dawg).

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