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2016 Pride Of Detroit Community Mock Draft sign up

Come sign up to become a part of our Pride Of Detroit Community Mock Draft.

We are now less than a month away from the NFL Draft and that means it's draft season. We will be continuing the tradition of the POD Community Mock Draft again this year. Here are the details on how you can get involved:

What is the POD Community Mock Draft?

It's an annual mock draft that is based on picks from Pride Of Detroit readers. It spans the first two rounds of the actual draft order, and each pick in the first round is given an individual post for discussion and feedback. (Note: This year, in order to increase the efficiency of this mock draft, only the Lions' pick will get an individual post in the second round. The first round will be the same as usual, but the non-Lions second-round picks will just be listed in a few different posts instead of having specific write-ups for all of them.)

What are the rules for the POD Community Mock Draft?

We'll get a bit more into this once readers are assigned to teams, but here are four important things to keep in mind:

  • The Detroit Lions will be represented by Alex Reno, so they already have a GM.

  • Teams will primarily be assigned based on how active you are on the site and how long you have been around, so it's not a race to sign up first or anything like that. Newer users will still be considered, but I want to make sure regulars of the site get to participate.

  • Only sign up if you will be able to write a coherent paragraph explaining your pick(s). Each pick in the first round gets a separate post with a write-up from the GM, so it's important to be able to put something together with limited spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Make sure you can stick to the schedule that will be posted in the coming days. You will be replaced if you can't get your pick(s) in on time. (And if you haven't been able to follow the schedule/other rules in the past, you will not be considered for this year's mock draft.)
How do I sign up?

It's pretty simple. Fill out the form below with your username, email (picks will be conducted via email) and top three desired teams. After you do that, leave a comment on this post saying that you signed up. It's vital that you fill out the form and leave a comment so I can verify who signed up. If you don't follow these directions, you will not be considered for a spot.


Deadline to sign up for the mock draft is Wednesday March 30th at midnight ET. Thursday morning, the GM pairings will be listed and the first pick in the draft will be due Monday April 4th at 6 a.m. A full list of the pick schedule will be released with the GM pairing on Thursday. Please only sign up for the mock draft if you will be able to adhere to the strict schedule. Because we are going through two rounds, we will be moving swiftly, so be ready.

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