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PODcast #24: Calvin Johnson updates and a pizza struggle

We're movers and motivators at the internet's Detroit Lions leaders.

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Every week we enter a recording booth made of digital fabric. We, the staff of Pride Of Detroit, are united from LA and Auburn Hills and Toledo and all points in-between, and at that point we stop writing furiously on keyboards and start talking furiously into microphones. It's the PODcast, and it's ostensibly a writer's lounge for everything that may not make the cut for the printed material.

We certainly keep talking about football, the NFL and the Detroit Lions -- this is the reason we're all here after all -- but our endeavors at POD are so much more at times. We've positioned ourselves as gurus of questions mundane and divine, from food to movies to video games to conspiracy theories.

I don't know why I'm giving such an introduction for the 24th episode of this that we've put together, but it felt appropriate. Enjoy it, download it, subscribe on iTunes and continue to support us, if only because we have fun doing this. Thanks.

This week on the PODcast:

  • More notes on Calvin Johnson. The conspiracy theories grow that the delay is angling for schemes between his camp and the Lions, but is that really who he is? Is it really what this is? We investigate.

  • Did Jeremy Reisman unwittingly spark a low-scale pizza conflict between two regional chains? Will Detroit deep dish clash against west coast thin crust on the Hollywood strip? We investigate.

  • Will you poison yourself playing waybai51's PODcast drinking game? We investigate, dammit.

  • You got questions for us? Want to know what we're reading? Want to know how we'll profess our love for Idris Elba this week? Want to know what we sing in the shower? How we think Connor Cook will do in the draft? All your reader questions in a big giant mailbag made of love. We just keep...investigating!

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