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Ask POD: Very important topics needed

I'm very generous and revealing our agenda for tonight, so please bring your best questions.

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We here at Pride Of Detroit keep football in the forefronts of our mind, even in a blistering offseason like the one we're currently facing. That said, a plague swept across the staff this week, engineered by Zack Snyder and weaponized to fill us all with dread and despair. For some of us, our grip on reality was loosened. One by one, editors and writers stumbled into the POD Slack channel and professed a loss of meaning on their lives after witnessing what is perhaps the most perplexing film of our time.

We're scared. Really scared.

To that end, we want questions about, in no particular order:

  • Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Please. Someone tell us if you're as confused and discombobulated as we are. We might be able to help you (Don't worry if you haven't seen it; we'll give you spoiler alerts and a timestamp to jump to in order to avoid it all).

  • Lions free agency and draft topics. We have to digest this still, particularly with the Geoff Schwartz signing on Wednesday. This is still ostensibly a Lions podcast.

  • We're on the road to Wrestlemania.

  • I dunno, something about food again. But really, we need to talk about Batman vs. Superman.
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