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The PODcast #25: Five stages of Megatronic grief

A bittersweet farewell to our hero, plus burrito takes.

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I'll be honest, I don't know what all the stages of grief are, or even their proper order. I don't really care either. All I know is that while free agency kicks up in gear I'm still bereft of a hero. Everything will remain bittersweet for a while.

For that matter, the PODcast this week is shorter, but it is necessary for all of us at Pride Of Detroit to work through this together. Ryan Mathews, Alex Reno, Jerry Mallory and I all try to react to the news that had us all shaken Tuesday night. Maybe it's something you need to hear too.

(You do need to hear it. Listen to the PODcast. Do it. Do it now.)

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On this episode of the PODcast:

  • We try to piece together the Calvin Johnson news. We try to come to terms with it. Wounded as we are, we lash out at the critics, the haters, those people who are naysaying anything about our pain or about our hero. Most of all, we bid farewell to one of the greatest receivers to wear the Honolulu blue.

  • Mailbag. More grief. Questions of faith. Looking towards the future. What to do with the number 81 and much more. Also some of our usual life questions; we can't abandon our solemn duty.

  • Responding to T-Pain's burrito hot take.

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