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PODcast #28: A visit with Mike Payton to discuss Nkemdiche, movies and more

This one got loaded with nerd stuff and a little football.

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We have a long way to go to the draft, which will continue to dominate and crush any and all football conversation until its long dark shadow passes from the realm of men. The PODcast understands the need, but the PODcast also needs to find some sanity from too much football talk. We're trying to find the balance, and we've brought in help this time.

Mike Payton from Side Lion Report joins the PODcast on short notice to help us talk about the Lions and more important topics: a movie that has confused and astounded us and the biggest sports entertainment event coming down your television pipes this weekend. We also talk about Robert Nkemdiche, because that particular storyline is taking a curious turn.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • A roundup of Lions and NFL topics. Most of the discussion centers on national media prognostications that are far too early and the "character issues" of Robert Nkemdiche as teams flock to meet with him. What really are character issues in the NFL? Which ones are actual concerns versus issues that are often smoothed over and serve as nothing but fodder for sports talk?

  • A very earnest conversation about a movie that has confused many of us: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. There's a lot here, but if you want to avoid the spoilers, make sure to jump to around 52:00 once you get past the second ad (or when I tell you to on the PODcast itself).

  • Mailbag this week includes a little bit about the latest Lion Geoff Schwartz and features my inability to pronounce his name right, along with the potential of NFL games happening in China. After that it's Wrestlemania. Y'all sent us Wrestlemania questions, and we are answering the Wrestlemania questions. We gotta give the people what they want.

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