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Lions notes: What is Alex Carter's future?

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Also: Kendall Fuller and Taveze Calhoun plan visits with the Lions.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

  • Grades for free agency acquisitions are nothing new, but here's another one for the pile from a slightly less conventional place: Forbes has given the Lions offseason a solid B

  • The revolution will not be televised, it will be Snapchatted:

  • Alex Carter lost the 2015 season, which is nothing good for any player attempting to assert themselves in the NFL just after getting drafted in the third round. What will the future look like for Carter and the Lions? Kyle Meinke lays out the roadmap going forward for Carter.

  • Scouting has really changed over the years and we're certainly host to a wider range of information, but "analytics" remains a gibberish term that actually doesn't convey anything meaningful (and often don't translate into measurable statistics) and are usually tempered by sports people by tepid handwaving about how they'll never work anyway because [INSERT EXCUSE]. Nevertheless, Dave Birkett wrote about the latest technology the Lions are using to complement their scouting.

  • More prospect workouts, more! Mississippi State cornerback Taveze Calhoun, graded to be a borderline draft prospect, is taking some time to workout for the Detroit Lions:

  • It's another Fuller coming around. Kendall Fuller, brother of Corey Fuller, is slated to visit with the Lions this week.