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How the Rams-Titans trade affects the Lions

How does Thursday's blockbuster trade affect the Detroit Lions, if it does at all?

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If you haven't heard by now, there was a huge trade for the NFL Draft this morning. The Tennessee Titans traded away their first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft for a boatload of later picks. Here are the full details on the transaction:

This trade obviously changes a lot of things for the Titans and the Rams. Tennessee gets a ton of draft capital to rebuild their franchise over the next two drafts. The Rams, who have an extremely talented defense and a budding running back, now will have their pick of the litter for a franchise quarterback.

That's all great and nice, but how does it affect the Lions? Well, there are several things that now change for Detroit.

Detroit has a new team picking in front of them

As part of the trade terms, the Rams dealt the No. 15 pick overall to the Titans, meaning the Lions will have to sit behind a new team as they wait to pick at 16. Dave Birkett discussed an interesting theory as to what that may mean:

Indeed, many were mocking offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil to the Titans at No. 1 overall. The Titans still have a big need at offensive tackle, but Tunsil will likely be gone by 15. That means there's a good chance the Lions will have one less offensive tackle on the board, should there be no more trades left in the Titans' barrel.

More quarterbacks to be taken before the Lions' pick?

The Rams are reportedly in love with Carson Wentz, and many believe he will be the pick. That means that there are going to be a lot of hungry teams looking to pick or trade up for Jared Goff and/or Paxton Lynch. It seems quite likely that all three of those quarterbacks may go before the Lions' pick. That means two good things for Detroit. First, there's likely to be more talent available relevant to the Lions' needs. But more interestingly, if quarterbacks start coming off the board quickly, that means franchises near the bottom of the first round -- say the Denver Broncos -- may be itching to grab the fourth passer off the board, whether it be Connor Cook or someone else. That would potentially give the Lions an opportunity to trade down.

What about the Cleveland Browns?

Cleveland is essentially on the clock now, with top left tackle prospect Laremy Tunsil staring them in the face. Earlier in the offseason the Browns promised they would not be trading Joe Thomas. Could this major development soften their stance on that position? I still think it's unlikely, but as many fans have already urged, the Lions might as well test the waters one last time.

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