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Eric Ebron is tired of being misunderstood, ready to let play do the talking

Eric Ebron had a long, personal discussion with the radio station 105.1 in Detroit.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Eric Ebron joined "Ryan and Rico" on Detroit Sports 105.1 to talk about himself, the 2016 Detroit Lions and his new bosses. Things got very personal for Ebron, who stayed with the radio duo for three segments that spanned over an hour of radio time. The entire thing is worth a listen, and it may give you a different perspective on the divisive tight end.

Ebron's main message throughout the entire interview was his excitement to finally break out in 2016. Though, he openly admitted that talk is cheap: "People want to see action, so you got to show action," Ebron said early in the interview. And Ebron fully plans on showing action in the upcoming season.

With Calvin Johnson gone, Ebron believes he will have a big opportunity to explode onto the scene. "Now that it's my time, I get to finally show why I was drafted," Ebron said excitedly.

But what about his boisterous personality? The hosts grilled Ebron on how his personality on and off the field appear to be a distraction. The Lions tight end insisted that he plays his best when trash talking, explaining that's how he gets into the game. The key, to Ebron, is to simply embrace his own personality and block out what other people are saying or doing. He admitted that the outside criticism used to bug him, but he has since developed a "tunnel vision" that allows him to focus on his game while blocking out the negative distractions.

Ebron also directly responded to another common criticism: his post-game jersey swaps. Throughout the year, Ebron received a fair amount of criticism for trading jersey with teams after a loss. A common perception among Lions' faithful of this behavior is that Ebron is aloof to the result of the game and doesn't care about winning as much as the fans do. Ebron staunchly disagreed. "We're just as frustrated. We're just as mad. But we're not able to show it," Ebron explained.

Part of Ebron's excitement for the year ahead comes from his new bosses, general manager Bob Quinn and team president Rod Wood. Ebron described both men as "hungry," adding that Quinn had an impressive speech to the team that lit up the locker room.

By the end of the hour, it was obvious Ebron shared the same hunger. "I’m going into my third year. I’m hungry. I’m tired of being misunderstood. I’m going to go out there and I’m going to try and display something." Detroit will need that something to fill the hole left by Calvin's retirement.

Eric Ebron is hosting a draft party to raise funds for NFL Alumni Student Athlete Scholarships. For more info on the event, click here.

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