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PODcast #31: Eric Ebron, Josh Norman and another bombshell trade

It's been a busy week so it's a busy PODcast. We also unveil important news for Pride Of Detroit's future.

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There's not much time left before the 2016 NFL Draft, nor will there be much time before the Lions are on the clock. The picture in front of them continues to change, but somehow it seems to only help to know what will be happening early on.

It's certainly been a busy few days for NFL news and entertainment news and we dive into it on the PODcast this week. In an auspicious turn of events, we wrapped recording just an hour before the news of Prince's death broke; normally we'd talk about that, but you'll have to wait for next time if you're somehow waiting to hear takes on Prince.

What we do have is a loaded podcast recorded in the wee morning of Thursday to discuss two moves that changed the landscape of the offseason for the NFL and the Detroit Lions. We also discuss a recent appearance by Eric Ebron on Detroit radio and what humility does and does not earn you in sports.

Thank you all for your support as we now clock in at 31 full episodes, 32 in total. Get the PODcast on iTunes, or find us now on Stitcher and Aha Radio.

This week on the PODcast:

  • Big news for Pride Of Detroit! We unveil two of our three new writers that are coming aboard in May. That's not the only site news we drop on the PODcast, either...

  • The Philadelphia Eagles make a blockbuster trade with the Cleveland Browns just days after the Rams traded up for first overall. The PODcast crew marvels at the unprecedented trades and the prices these teams are paying for moving up.

  • The trades also bring up new questions: are these quarterbacks even worth it? How did the draft atmosphere change? What does it all mean for the Lions?

  • Josh Norman was unceremoniously made a free agent on Wednesday when the Panthers rescinded the franchise tag. Another unprecedented bit of offseason action. We discuss why this happened and what it would take for the Lions to potentially get him, and who else might be in play.

  • Eric Ebron made an appearance on Detroit sports radio and discussed a great deal of things. We dive into Ebron, what might improve with his performance in 2016, the fan reaction to Ebron and what humility and quietude does and does not buy you in sports.

  • We unveil some more big news for the website! We explain the plans for the Pride Of Detroit Fantasy Football League and a new call-in line we're working on for the PODcast.

  • Mailbag this week features great questions about cheeseburgers, the Bullet Club, Chyna's departing from this world, Darius Slay vs. Josh Norman and a preview to who might be the worst teams in the AFC and NFC in 2016.

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