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2016 NFL Draft: Bold predictions for the Detroit Lions

The NFL Draft is the most unpredictable event of them all, so let's try and make some bold predictions as the Detroit Lions attempt to address their needs for the upcoming NFL season.

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Finally, The Rock has come back to Chicago we are just a couple days away from everyone's favorite event. The NFL Draft is here. Our questions will finally become answers. Speculation time is over, people. It's time to grab your GM hat, find your favorite spot on the couch or maybe grab a few friends and hit the local bar and buy a few beers while you're there.

As Lions fans, this is your Super Bowl. You live for this time of year. If not, well then I applaud you and you're probably better off for it. But not me, I love the offseason. New players, new contracts and newly shaped rosters. What's better than that?

Three hours into Day 1 and five or six beers later, you're telling anyone that'll listen exactly why you're right and everyone else is wrong. You predicted this two months ago at the water cooler. We all love to make bold predictions and incessantly brag when we're right or completely forget about it if we're wrong.

That's what's so beautiful about the NFL Draft. No one has a goddamn clue what's really going to happen. Draft experts earn paychecks to be wrong on over 90 percent of the things they say with such conviction. You have a better chance at winning the lottery than correctly guessing the first 15 picks of the draft on any given year.

So what do you say, Lions fans? Will you join me and make some bold-ass predictions regarding the Detroit Lions and the 2016 NFL Draft? Let's see who Pride Of Detroit's Nostradamus is.

The Lions will draft secondary early, but it won't be a safety

Coming right at us right away with the hot takes, Alex?

Hear me out, guys.

Call me crazy, but it would not surprise me in the slightest if the Lions were to take one of the top-tier CB prospects like William Jackson III or Eli Apple and start him across from Darius Slay. We really have no clue how Alex Carter will turn out, and I'm not so sure how comfortable you can feel with Nevin Lawson as a starting outside corner for a full year.

Cornerback certainly isn't the biggest need for the Lions, but if every team drafted for their top need, then it wouldn't exactly be that tough to predict.

Possible targets: William Jackson III (Houston), Eli Apple (Ohio State), Artie Burns (Miami [FL]), Xavien Howard (Baylor)

The Lions won't draft a defensive end until Day 3

The lack of depth at defensive end is extremely concerning for the Lions, but unfortunately for them, there is a really weak crop of DE prospects this year. As of now, the Lions have three picks in the first three rounds and even more needs to fill. Unless they add a pick or two early, they'll have to neglect at least one of their major needs during the first two days of the draft, and I can see defensive end being one of those positions.

Possible targets: Ronald Blair (Appalachian State), Matt Judon (Grand Valley State), Lawrence Thomas (Michigan State), Darius Latham (Indiana)

The Lions will trade back more than once to acquire extra picks

Everyone knows it's the "Patriot Way" to trade back and acquire more picks, but that's a hell of a lot easier said than done. Fans love to call their local radio stations and say their team should trade back, but what they don't realize is that it takes two to tango. It's not always easy to find a suitable partner when trading back, which is why we haven't seen the Lions do it very often in the past with Martin Mayhew.

With that being said, I feel that the Lions have too many needs to focus on this year and if Bob Quinn is truly a believer in New England's philosophies, he will do everything in his power to add some future draft picks. I don't think Quinn is going to make the same mistake as Martin Mayhew and throw his ammunition out the window.

The Lions will trade Stephen Tulloch at some point during the Draft

Let's take a look at the Tulloch news timeline:

February 18: Tulloch says his goodbye to Detroit via Instagram.

Ian Rapoport tweets that the Lions have informed Stephen Tulloch they will release him at the start of the new year.

March 9: The new league year begins and Stephen Tulloch remains on the Lions' roster. He is owed a $500,000 bonus from the Lions.

March 23: Lions beat writer Dave Birkett reports that the Lions are shopping Stephen Tulloch and will cut him if they do not find a trade partner.

Today: Uhh, Lions? You there?


Last year's results

The Lions will trade out of the No. 23 overall pick: Correct. The Lions traded the 23rd overall pick to the Denver Broncos for offensive guard Manny Ramirez, the 28th overall pick and 143rd overall pick in the 2015 draft.

The Lions will not select a defensive tackle under Day 3 of the draft: Correct. The Lions waited until the fourth round to select Auburn's Gabe Wright.

The Lions will take a wide receiver with one of their first three picks: Incorrect. Although the Lions had reportedly targeted Nelson Agholor in the first round, they did not select a receiver with any of their picks.

At least two offensive linemen will be selected by the Lions: Correct. The Lions selected offensive guard Laken Tomlinson with the 28th overall pick and offensive tackle Corey Robinson with the 240th overall pick.

3/4 ain't bad.

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