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Ask POD: The Final Countdown


Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

So before we begin, I want to thank all y'all.

You see, we made the top of Yahoo for some of the folks at home out there. We proceeded to blow up for the weekend and we're now poised to tackle the draft in a big way.

So here it is. Put your mailbag questions in the comments below or drop a line to @PrideOfDetroit or @MalkovichPlan on Twitter. Your last chance to get in your pressing questions about:

  • The Draft. No big deal, really. Didn't even realize it was this week. Not that big of a deal.

  • WWE Payback.

  • What Ryan Mathews and Alex Reno can learn for you in their fact-finding mission to Chicago.

  • Whatever comes after the draft. Is there a future after the draft, or are our atoms merely scattered to the cosmos?

  • Languish with us over Detroit's exits from the playoffs. April in the D is almost over which is fine.

  • Dogs or cats
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