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Happy Birthday to us: Pride of Detroit turns 10!

Matthew Stafford says, "We're this many."

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The NFL Draft is almost here, but we've got another thing to celebrate before the Detroit Lions' version of the Super Bowl begins. Pride Of Detroit has hit double digits in age. That's right, we're ten, which I believe is 2,000 years old in internet years.

Sean Yuille started this page way back in 2006 at the incredibly young age of 15. Since then, his hard work has created an extremely welcoming Lions online community full of great content and even better fans. That sort of combination is so unbelievably rare in the cesspool that is the internet, and Sean deserves an incredible amount of credit for not only creating intelligent content, but maintaining a civil community that would typically draw a lot of cynicism and anger.

Since I took over the site in late August, I've quickly come to realize what an overwhelming undertaking this site was to Sean. The amount of work he put in -- by himself, mostly -- is still unfathomable to me. Luckily, I currently have a great supporting staff to try and maintain the high quality of this community.

Pride Of Detroit has meant so many things to me over the years. It provided a Honolulu Blue haven for when I moved away from Michigan for the sunny west coast. It gave me inspiration to start my sports writing career. And it provided a canvas for me to finally stop talking about creating something and actually do it. Many websites have tried to recreate what makes Pride Of Detroit such an amazing site, but all have failed. This place is truly special, and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Happy Birthday, Pride Of Detroit. To all of its contributors and members throughout these fabulous ten years, thank you.

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