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Introducing the 2016 Pride Of Detroit NFL Draft Scavenger Hunt

If you're going to be in Chicago for the NFL Draft, we've got a game for you.

The NFL Draft is in Chicago again this year, which means there are bound to be some of our readers that will make the trip west -- or east, we don't coastal discriminate -- to see the Detroit Lions add their newest players to the roster. But waiting all that time for the Lions to pick may get boring. Don't worry, we have your back.

Introducing the first annual Pride Of Detroit 2016 NFL Draft Scavenger Hunt. Below is a list of things to find while in Chicago for the draft. Some of them are Chicago specific, but even if you're not going to be there, you can play from home.

Pride Of Detroit NFL Draft Scavenger Hunt

(Printable version available here)

Drunk Chicago Bears fan (10 points)

Angry New York Jets fan (5 points)

Happy New York Jets fan (30 points)

Fellow Pride Of Detroit reader (20 points)

"#WeOwnTheBears" sign or chant (50 points)
- BONUS 25 points if done in front of Soldier Field

Cleveland Browns fan with a jersey listing over 10 quarterbacks (30 points)

Any NFL fan wearing jersey of a "bust" (10 points). Biggest bust gets 30 bonus points.

Mike Ditka impersonator (30 points)

Mike Ditka (10 points)

Someone mentions "Matt Millen" (-50 points)

Tell a cheesehead you think it's so cool their stadium is sponsored by Lamborghini (23 points)

Roger Goodell is booed (10 points)

Roger Goodell is cheered (50 points)

Bears pick is booed (40 points)

Bears pick is cheered (-40 points)

Jake Rudock is drafted (20 points)

Jake Rudock is drafted by Lions (-20 points)

Lions draft someone from Rutgers (ie: The Patriot Way) (30 points)

Person holding their own mock draft (10 points if digital version, 50 points if on paper)

Dolphins fan in a Suh jersey (-90 points and a fine from Roger Goodell)

Buy a beer for a Bears' fan, apologize for beating them twice last year, and tell them that there's "always next year," while in Lions' attire (75 points)

Hug a Vikings fan while whispering the words "Blair Walsh" in their ear (50 points)

Bills fan goes through a table (250 points)

We are 100 percent serious about this scavenger hunt. So much so that we're offering a prize. The person who gets the most points during the entire draft weekend will be offered a guest spot on the PODcast (scheduling and good internet connection permitting).

If you don't want to waste your phone battery while at the draft, here's a printable version of the list.

How to play:

  1. Take photos/videos of each of your findings (if an event just occurs, you are automatically awarded the points)

  2. To submit your photos and videos, tweet them to @PrideOfDetroit with the hashtag: #PODScavengerHunt. This hashtag is the lifeblood of this contest, and who wouldn't love to see a sad Bears' fan? Make it convenient for everyone to see images/videos from your time in Chicago or even your own draft-day party by using the hashtag: #PODScavengerHunt. Feel free to share them with everyone else in this thread, too. 

  3. For all of the items with negative values, you will actually be rewarded 10 points each. The negative values were simply for comedic effect.

  4. You can only get credit for one finding per category. By all means, send me as many videos of sad Bears' fans as you want, but you'll only get 40 points. 

  5. Submit all of your findings by Monday night (May 2) at midnight.
NOTE: Please keep all your actions light-hearted. This contest is meant to be fun-spirited, not antagonistic. Treat your fellow football fans as human beings and don't be a jerk. Football is a game and entertainment. It's not worth getting hurt over. Be safe and smart, people.

Good luck, PODers and happy drafting!

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