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Join Pride Of Detroit for our expanded 2016 NFL Draft media coverage

We'll be on Periscope and Facebook Live, and you can drop us your opinions and questions on the brand new POD Call-In Line!

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This NFL Draft, the ways you can interact with the Pride Of Detroit are myriad. We're giving the people everything they need to get the best analysis and opinions they need to

Periscope: 9:30 p.m. ET

Join me on Periscope and I'll take your questions and reactions to the 2016 NFL Draft (and share my own) as we count down to the Lions pick at 16. When 9:30 rolls around head over to our Twitter account @PrideOfDetroit and look for the post with a link to the Periscope. We'll run it as long as necessary for the Lions to make their pick and get in some instant reaction to the future of the Detroit Lions franchise. It'll be fun, and you don't need a Twitter account to watch (but you will if you want to comment).

If the weird happens and the Lions end up trading up before 9:30, we'll run the Periscope after the pick is made and talk reactions accordingly.

Facebook Live: Following the Lions draft pick and Lions press conference

Fearless Leader takes over from the west coast for the late night crowd after the Lions make their pick and introduce him to the Lions faithful. He'll use this time for a question and answer session. To be a part of the action, be sure you already like us of Facebook. We'll send out a notification on social media when the session is about to start, then head over to our Facebook page and you can watch and send questions along. We're hoping to have a Q&A session of about 20 minutes. Estimated start time: 11-11:30 p.m. ET.

Pride Of Detroit Call-In Line: 1-313-757-2981

Yes, it's now live! We talked about it on the Pride Of Detroit PODcast and we promised it'd happen. We have a call-in line ready for you! Please be aware it's still being tested and we're not sure how fully it'll work, but for now...consider this our first beta test. Feel free to call the number provided and leave any question or thoughts you have on the Lions, and if it's good enough we'll use it during the PODcast recordings in the near future.

Consider draft night a trial run. Try to keep your reactions or questions short and simple: no more than 10-15 seconds is ideal. We're not looking for screeds so much as we are quick thoughts or questions that might normally go in our "Ask POD" mailbag.

Open Thread: 7:30 p.m. ET

As usual, we'll have a live thread for y'all here on the website to comment. Keep it civil and cool and remember that it's "I'm agree" to anyone whose opinion you like.


We shouldn't have to remind you, but the Pride Of Detroit Draft Scavenger Hunt is on. If you are in Chicago and happen to have an entry you want to share make sure to use the hashtag on Twitter to share your work, or simply follow along with our own Alex Reno and Ryan Mathews while they're running roughshod in Chi-Town.

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