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2016 NFL Draft: Day 3 TV schedule, draft order, online streaming, more

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The final day of the draft is here. Here's what you need to know before things get underway.

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The Detroit Lions' final chance to improve their roster via the draft is just hours away. The Lions currently hold seven picks in the final four rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft and still have a lot of needs to fill.

Now that the Lions have spent three valuable picks on both sides of the line, expect the Lions go focus more on skill players on Saturday. Here's everything else you need to know about the last day of the draft.

Day 3

Rounds: 4-7
Date: Sat, April 30, 2016
Time: 12 p.m. ET
Online: and WatchESPN

Selection time limits:

Round 4-6: 5 minutes per pick
Round 7: 4 minutes per pick
Compensatory picks: 4 minutes per pick

Draft resources:

And here's a look at the Lions remaining picks:

1. First round: Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State
2. Second round: A'Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama
3. Third round: Graham Glasgow, C, Michigan
4. Fourth round: Pick 13 (111)
5. Fifth round: Pick 12 (151)
6. Fifth round: Pick 32 (169)
7. Sixth round: Pick 16 (191)
8. Sixth round: Pick 27 (202)
9. Sixth round: Compensatory pick (210)
10. Seventh round: Pick 15 (236)