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2016 NFL mock draft: San Francisco 49ers select Carson Wentz

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The San Francisco 49ers select Carson Wentz with the seventh pick in the POD Community Mock Draft.

David Purdy/Getty Images

With the seventh pick in the POD Community Mock Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select quarterback Carson Wentz. Forty handz is the acting general manager for the 49ers. Below is the rationale for the pick:

It wasn't Wentz but DeForest Buckner who was sitting on top of my 49ers draft board. Unfortunately, the massive defensive end didn't slide like I anticipated, so it's on to Plan B -- or more accurately, Plan 1B. Chip Kelly and company will choose to address the quarterback position, a situation every bit as dire as the lack of defensive pass rush in San Fran. The Colin Kaepernick Experiment has been a failure and rumors are he's on his way out of town via a trade. And clearly, Blaine Gabbert is not the answer.

That leaves us with the big, strong armed, athletic QB out of North Dakota. At 6-foot-5, 237 pound, he is the type of QB that Chip Kelly covets and while he's no longer pulling the strings as general manager, getting himself a signal caller mirrors one of his first moves in Philly. Jared Goff was another real possibility, but I think Wentz is the better prospect and has all the makings of a franchise QB for years to come. That is something San Francisco has been seeking for quite a few years.