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Ask POD: April in the D or whatever

The weekly mailbag is here a bit late. Get the questions in quick!

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This one's getting up a bit late. Why is it late? Because I'm late. Uncle Sam's taken his toll and I've been busy with paperwork. So much of it. But you're not here about me, you're here about this here PODcast, aren't you?

Get your questions in. If you're new to the shebang, know this: we run the PODcast every week and we always gleefully answer your questions about the Detroit Lions, NFL, football, Detroit sports and life in general. Do you want to ask us about Wrestlemania? Do you want to know about the latest episode of The People vs. OJ Simpson or Daredevil, or the best bookie in Michigan to place a bet on Justin Spieth winning the Masters?

Well I can't help you with the last one. At least, not here.

Leave your question in the comments and we'll try to use it on the PODcast mailbag, or send a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit or @MalkovichPlanYou should also subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes, and please give it a rating and maybe a review! The more ratings, the higher we'll climb on the charts to domination.

Also look out for the PODcast coming soon to Google Play Podcasts and a couple new platforms that we will announce once we're finished cooking!

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