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Rashean Mathis will sign a one-day contract to retire as a Jaguar

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The veteran cornerback closed out his 13 year career by playing three seasons in Detroit.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It was bound to happen given his ties with the organization. Rashean Mathis may have marveled Detroit since signing with the Lions back in 2013, but he was always a Jaguar at heart. It was in Jacksonville where his stellar career began, where he led the franchise in interceptions and where he still makes his home. Now, Mathis is set to sign a one-day contract in the coming weeks that will allow him the retire as a Jacksonville Jaguar.

It's the ending that Rashean Mathis deserves to his career. He may have left Jacksonville due to contract disputes with the front office (which in turn led him to Detroit), but he was always close with the Jacksonville community and Jaguars' fanbase. Although he was originally unsure if he'd return with the Lions in 2016, citing his desire to watch how the front office situation played out, he ultimately decided to retire back in February. A nasty concussion with lingering symptoms in the 2015 season played a role in his decision to walk away from football.

He'll get the time to retire as the Jaguars' legend he is, but the Lions fan base also has expressed plenty of gratitude for his time up north as well. He played an integral role for the Lions by providing leadership in his final years in the league, helping to transform the secondary into a strong and cohesive unit that the organization had not experienced in some time.