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Bob Quinn and his emotional roller coaster draft

Bob Quinn elicits every possible emotion in his first go around at the draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn has officially put his first NFL Draft on the books. The results of Quinn's first draft have to leave some fans a bit woozy and tired as if they just rode the latest Cedar Point ride, and laughed and cried through the entire thing. Every emotion was felt over the course of the draft weekend. Today I would like to break down some of the bigger picks and their accompanying emotion felt on draft day

Taylor Decker: Numb Happiness

It's nothing against Decker. He's a fine player and was the wise first choice to make for Quinn. He should give the Lions plenty of good years in the trenches. The first-round pick in the draft always fills the fan's mind with the wonderment of the possibilities. So much so that nobody thinks about the right pick. Just the one that's sexy. So naturally, when Taylor Decker's name was called, the entire room gave a collective clap followed by collective shrug. It's like when you go buy a new car. You wanted a Corvette, but you could only afford a Malibu. You still got a dependable new car. It just won't make anyone on the street stop and stare.

A'Shawn Robinson: Excitement

Robinson by far generates the most excitement among Lions fans. As well he should. The Lions were in desperate need of help along the defensive line. Quinn didn't just remedy that by grabbing one of the best defensive tackles in the entire draft in the second round, he grabbed a guy that has built-in marketability at an Ndamukong Suh type level. He has an individual look and a death stare that the NFL can't wait to put on TV. Robinson should be the guy fans quickly fall in love with in 2016. Hence the excitement.

Graham Glasgow: Disappointing Approval

Like Decker, Glasgow fills a position of need. But the pick was nothing to write home about. Unless you're the kind of person who writes home to tell your parents about the new salt and pepper shakers you got at the antique road show. Center was a need. But with the sex appeal lost on this pick, you likely looked at the TV and nodded in approval and then went to sleep.

Miles Killebrew: Tempered Excitement

When you hear that the Lions drafted the hardest hitting player in the draft, you have to be a little excited about it. But  when it's in the fourth round, you have to wonder why he wasn't picked earlier. Killebrew is an exciting talent, no doubt. But he needs work and may not be the day one starter most hope he will be. So temper that excitement.

Jake Rudock: Rage

You broke my heart Bob. The Lions needed a backup Quarterback. Everyone knew that. But then he proceeds to go out and get Michigan quarterback, Jake Rudock. The Groans and Gasps could be heard around the world. To me, Rudock is the least NFL-ready quarterback prospect on the board. I loathe this pick and the unbelievably annoying "put Rudock in" chants that will accompany it every time Matthew Stafford does anything that's not touchdown related. Get ready for Kellen Moore 2.0 everybody.

Jimmy Landes: Confused Understanding

Everyone's first reaction to the Landes selection was "Did Bob just draft a long snapper?" Some fans have not lost that reaction and have used it as their ammo to already hate Bob Quinn. Those people hate when the sun comes out too, so you really can't be surprised. For me, it was simple after the pick. Don Muhlbach isn't getting any younger. In reality he could probably play the position until he's 75-years old. But it's obvious he won't. So you draft his replacement now while there's a desired player available at the position. He probably could have waited till the seventh round though. Mark my words, if Bob Quinn is ever fired, you'll see about 100 comments that day about the time he drafted a long snapper.

So there you have it, Lions fans. These were most likely your initial emotional reactions as well. Overall, I think Bob Quinn had a successful first outing in the NFL Draft. If anything, you can tell that he's a strong believer in the "games are won in the trenches" philosophy. Be sure to leave your comments below or come yell at me on Twitter @POD_Payton