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Welcome to the Pride: Kent Lee Platte

Please welcome Kent Lee Platte to Pride Of Detroit.

I have been writing about football on and off since about 2009. At the time, I was moving to San Antonio, TX and it was a fun way for me to stay connected to the team I love. It was soon after I was introduced to the Twitter, this miraculous device that allowed me to communicate with people I never would have had the opportunity to otherwise. Back then, I was given inspiration to write and it was both enjoyable and rewarding. In 2012, like a wrestler who finally found his gimmick to get over (I'm not really much of a WWE fan, but I think that's a thing here, right?), I started applying my knowledge of math and trend analysis to football and MathBomb was born.

Many of the great readers at Pride of Detroit who know who I am know me from SideLionReport, where I have written since 2014. I also provide content for and have appeared on Lions Central Radio and other draft and Lions related podcasts. I enjoyed my time at SLR and saw it grow from an almost unknown Lions site to a respected source of fan based content. Like all of you, I read Pride of Detroit and their excellent content during this time, but never considered moving from SLR as the demands of my day job and research offered only sporadic time and willingness to write. This was fine for SLR, as I had built a decent reputation, but I always viewed Pride Of Detroit as too much site for my skills at that point.

This offseason i completed the calculations needed for what will possibly be my greatest (online) achievement. Even bigger than when I got all the trophies on Madden 2010. I finished the calculations and retrieving the minimum data I needed to build the Relative Athletic Score app (patent pending), which I hope to release in 2017. Relative Athletic Score, or RAS, has been a common theme for me these past couple years. I'm sure I will go into it in greater detail, but it is at its most basic a 0-10 score used to measure player athleticism relative to their position group. With the bulk of the mind numbingly tedious work completed, and suddenly finding myself with more time to write, I felt it was time to move over to Pride Of Detroit.

My hope is that I can continue their tradition of providing quality Detroit Lions content to you, our readers, while giving out more mathematical analysis than you could ever need. Math isn't always the most exciting thing in the world (Or even often...or generally at all), but I think once you've seen the type of results that my research has generated you will find it at the very least entertaining. If you ever have questions about metrics and how they apply to the Lions, give me a holler @MathBomb on Twitter.