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A'Shawn Robinson signs rookie contract with the Detroit Lions

It took a few extra days, but the last rookie of the Lions' 2016 NFL Draft class is signed.

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

On Friday, the Detroit Lions signed nine of their 10 rookies from the 2016 NFL Draft, along with a number of undrafted free agents. However, the Lions drafted ten this year: Alabama's A'Shawn Robinson was the only rookie to not have his contract signing announced on Friday.

Well, the wait is over; the Lions announced on Tuesday that they had signed Robinson to his rookie contract:

Contract details remain undisclosed at the moment.

There was no real threat of any kind of hold-out since rookie contracts have relatively predetermined value in the latest CBA. The late signing announcement may have been a result of several different factors, but concerns over negotiations of a dollar amount was probably not high up that list.

With all of their rookies signed, the 2016 NFL Draft is finally in the books for Detroit. Robinson has been a participant at Lions' rookie minicamp, so any uncertainties about his contract situation have been resolved as the defensive tackle from Alabama gets ready for the 2016 season.