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Ask POD: Mid-May Mailbag

Send us a tweet, leave a comment, or call our hotline and get your thoughts on the PODcast.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

With the draft firmly in the rear-view mirror now, the long wait for football begins anew. Camp is on for the rookies and summer is in full bloom. We'll have plenty of time to take questions on this episode of the Pride Of Detroit PODcast, so get your thoughts and questions in and we'll do what we can to tackle all of them.

We opened it up during the 2016 NFL Draft and now we're continuing on with it. The Pride Of Detroit Call-in Line is still going strong. If you want to drop your thoughts on a given Lions topic, or want to add your question to the mailbag, hit us up at 313-757-2981.

Otherwise, leave your questions below in the comments, or send a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit.

Remember: any and all questions are open to us. We'll gladly talk football or whatever is tickling your fancy at the moment, be it food, a television show, the Tigers or some great obscure bit of trivia or niche interest.

As always, download and subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes or find us on Stitcher. Help our dominion grow over the spoken word and bring Lions' football to the land.