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PODcast #34: ESPN struggles, national media prognostication on the Lions

The resident Lions podcast takes a look at writers far and wide and tries to figure out what the beef is.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We're back and settled down after a long draft and the PODcast is back in action. We're back to talking about how it's going to be a "long offseason" and all the rest, but we'll still manage to keep you company with all the Lions gossip and talk you need to keep you going through your day.

This week it's been bad for ESPN, but also not a great few days for the Lions, as more writers come out of the woodwork and get leery at their 2016 chances. Do they have a point? Are they just harping on Calvin Johnson ad nauseum? PODcast eyewitness news team is on the case.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Myself, Alex Reno and Ryan Mathews were all up together in Dearborn on Monday, and we call out another Lions writer who failed to answer our demands that he reveal himself.

  • Also Alex doesn't know how to eat a hot dog.

  • ESPN is facing some blowback now as Q2 earnings for Disney show that it's weighing down the great big Mouse. Talent is leaving left and right and Monday Night Football has had its stage taken by NBC for a while now. What's going to happen with the Worldwide Leader?

  • Time to duck hunt fools. We set out sights on a few national media prognosticators whose reason for dismissing the Lions in 2016 begins and ends with "lol they lost Calvin Johnson." However, there are definitely some good reasons to be a little reserved about the Lions' chances next year too. We talk about them.

  • The mailbag features excellent questions galore from you, the reader, particularly when it comes to the offensive line and insulting me.