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Lions notes: Pro Football Focus, Calvin Johnson and more

Today's notes include another egregious error from Pro Football Focus, rookie quotes and much more.

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
  • Yeah... I think it's time for Pro Football Focus to find some new editors or just call it quits. Somehow this article was released and included a completely butchered depth chart of the Detroit Lions' defense with the wrong base defense.

The image was taken down shortly after Lions fans berated PFF's staff for their lack of research. They also got the list of draft picks wrong (it's fixed now), listing A'Shawn Robinson as a fourth rounder after Graham Glasgow. Since then, they've fixed the depth chart.

WAIT, WHAT? That's still wrong! Wallace Gilberry is not going to start on the interior. Holy lazy journalism, Batman.

  • If for some reason you were holding out hope of an eventual return from Calvin Johnsondon't count on it.
  • The Lions seem to love drafting players that want to be pre-meds. Jake Rudock joins the list.

  • The Lions' other sixth-round draft picks also took the podium yesterday.

  • I don't know who took over the Lions' Twitter account, but I'm loving the new personality.