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2016 Detroit Lions Name Bracket Tournament: The field

On Sunday, the selection committee announced the field for the 2016 Detroit Lions Name Bracket.

It's back.

After spending a week in Hawaii to clear their heads, the selection committee for the 2016 Detroit Lions Name Bracket (read: me) released the tournament seedings and matchups on Sunday afternoon.

If you are unfamiliar with the name bracket, let me give you a brief history lesson. Last year, LaAdrian Waddle was announced as part of the field for the annual Name of the Year tournament. Having been a big fan of this yearly tradition, I found it odd that of all the Lions players, Waddle was the one that got national honors. With names like Darius Slay and Golden Tate, I didn't think Waddle was the best the Lions had to offer. So I went out to prove myself right and started a tournament with all Lions player to see who would win based on fan votes. The contest was simple: which Lions player had the best name on the team?

The tournament turned out to be an arduous task that nearly tore Pride Of Detroit asunder. In the end, despite my own attempts to tamper with the results, Ezekiel Ansah was declared champion (you can view all of the results in this handy bracket). Against my better judgement, I have decided to do this again. If you're new to the Name Bracket, I would suggest getting out now. It will get ugly.

The bracket will play out the exact same way as last year. The first round will be split into four parts, one for each region. The round of 32 will be split in two, then each subsequent round will get its own post. The only difference from last year is, because I have waited until after the draft, I had to do some pre-bracket cuts. I used the entire 90-man roster according to (as of May 22) and whittled the team down to 64 by my own preference. Don't like my choices? This is why we had the BCS.

Anyway, seeding was also my decision alone but the matchups were random beyond seeding. Here's a look at the entire field.

name bracket 2016

(To see a bigger, readable version, click here)

If you're a crazy person and want to fill out your own bracket, a printable version is here. Who will win the 2016 Detroit Lions Name Bracket Tournament? Let's hear your predictions.