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Ask POD: Keeping the mailbag strong

The days of summer fly by as another PODcast is upon us.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This is your time to reach out and ask the important questions to the staff of Pride Of Detroit. It's on you, dear reader, to make your inquiries known. We're gearing up to record a new PODcast and that means the mailbag needs to be stuffed yet again, hungry beast it is.

By the way, you really should go and give a review to the PODcast right now on iTunes. Subscribe on iTunes as well; even if you listen through another means, all subscriptions help to elevate our place for people looking for the best Lions podcast content and our rankings on the sports listings. It's good for the brand.

Fill our your questions below in the comments or send a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit. As always, we take questions on anything: the Lions, other football topics, food takes, Detroit and/or Michigan happenings, professional wrestling and anything that is potentially and playfully divisive or happens to make Fearless Leader mad (like questions about Pokemon. You should definitely ask some of those).

Thanks again to everyone who makes PODcast great. Fire away!