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The PODcast #36: Will Jim Caldwell be the Lions coach in 2017?

A look at the franchise's future. Plus, more CTE bungling from the league.

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Get ready for your Memorial Day weekend the only way a Lions fan should: by listening to the PODcast, our podcast (hence the name, get it?) about the Detroit Lions, NFL and all other important things in life. It's a weekly festival of loving y'all.

Some sad news however, as Ryan Mathews' streak is broken. Ryan was going strong for several months not missing a PODcast, and unfortunately his commitment to softball and philanthropic endeavors brought low the iron man. It's over. But myself and Jeremy Reisman are here to talk about the important things.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Understanding the Pro Football Focus/Lions believers social media beef that's been going on the past few weeks while Jeremy was cavorting in Hawaii. We also talk about that too.

  • The main course: many presume Lions head coach Jim Caldwell to be a lame duck coach, destined to be replaced by a chosen right hand man of new general manager Bob Quinn. Would that be a good course of action? What is gained and what is lost by replacing head coaches so quickly these days in the NFL? Who would Quinn be likely to tap to replace Caldwell if this happens? 

  • The NFL continues to act shady and weird about the money it's supposedly granting to research CTE, and this week congressional investigations turned up more problems with the league.

  • Mailbag! Jeremy adds his own opinion to last week's breakfast discussion, we plumb the depths of his hatred for Pokemon, plus Memorial Day questions and how we feel about yet another debate about analytics in sports talk television and the role of advanced numbers in talking about sports.

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