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Ask POD: Double digits til football returns

It's still a long way away but it's a comforting notion idn'it?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you blew up a lot of stuff for Memorial Day. Wait, I might not have the right holiday. Whatever. Football heads, the real action is coming. Yes, I watch arena football. Yes, I will watch CFL at the expense of Jeremy Reisman's patience for my antics. But the offseason has a light at the other end, which means I'll probably be complaining about it again once the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals vanish and we're left with undiluted Offseason and uhhh baseball I guess.

Complaining about the offseason really isn't endearing though, so we're going to talk about the Lions and other fun things instead on the PODcast, the Pride Of Detroit podcast. As always, we throw it out to you, the reader, to provide us with roughly a third of our topics in the mailbag. Anything goes, Lions or otherwise. Put your questions in the comments or send them to @PrideOfDetroit on Twitter and we'll get to as many as possible before time runs out.

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