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Four Questions on Taylor Decker with Land-Grant Holy Land

We learn more about the Lions first-round selection from the Ohio State experts.

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The critics are on both sides of the fence when it comes to Bob Quinn's first draft selection as the Detroit Lions general manager. Some think Taylor Decker was clearly the best choice at offensive tackle after both Laremy Tunsil and Jack Conklin came off the board. One popular outlet recently picked Decker as one of the worst draft picks of the weekend.

There's no way that anyone can tell what the future of Decker's career is going to be. But what we can do is get some answers on his past. To do that I had to travel over to Columbus, Ohio where you can get an amazing gyro at the annual Greek festival and where a college that I have been genetically predisposed to hate my entire life stands. There we got the scoop on Decker from Land-Grant Holy Land's Caleb Houser. Here's what we learned.

POD: What are your overall thoughts on Taylor Decker's time at Ohio State?

LGHL: "Taylor was a leader on and off the field. His maturity was not lacking as he was the one who was very vocal time and time again. Including the alcohol incident of JT Barrett. Decker made it clear he was upset with JT, but knew he'd bounce back. Decker was also a captain for OSU showing the faith Meyer and teammates had for him."

POD: What is Decker's biggest strength?

LGHL:  "Decker's bigger strength is his character. On the field, he's very intangible and is an incredible run blocker. While he was a stand-up pass blocker as well, his strength was blocking for Zeke. He may be moved right tackle which may even be a easier transition as it's less responsibility."

POD: What is his weakness?

LGHL: "Biggest weakness - If you're a film viewer, it may look as if he takes plays off or has a tendency to have footwork problems. However, he's very mature in his physicality and skill sets. His strengths outweigh any weakness at all as seen by being taken in the first round."

POD: Can Decker make an immediate impact with the Lions?

LGHL: "Decker, in my opinion, will make an immediate impact if given the chance. The Lions need improvements across the line and especially in the run game. Decker will easily have an impact on that as he was a main factor to Ohio State's incredible running attack and offensive line."

Some good info from Caleb Houser. If you're a fan of Ohio State, I feel bad for you. But be sure to give Caleb a follow on Twitter for more great info. Also thank you to Land-Grant Holy Land. Be sure to check out their work there.