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PODcast #38: Is Stafford improving with Caldwell, and can the offseason be saved?

Less of this, more of the hitting people and throwing a ball.

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The PODcast continues its weird and silly journey through the offseason, fueled by nothing more but a cool glass of lemonade and a few wings from Sweetwater Tavern. This week, we pick through whatever topics we can find as we await training camp, take more notes from OTAs and generally pine from the absence of the sport.

In fact, nuts to that. Why do we need all this time without football? We finally break down and talk about what it could take to bring us more football. You know you want it so you can put yourself in sports limbo forever. Do it. Do it now.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • It was enough among the staff to talk more about the question of whether Stafford is improving under Jim Caldwell, so we took a crack on it on the PODcast.

  • These shoes man. Make your jokes. Go ahead.

  • Hey, the offseason sucks. It's too long. How did we come to love a sport that has an offseason longer than the season? We discuss ways to end this monstrosity, including the possibility of a developmental league, and what the NFL misses by not having a feeder system independent of college football.

  • A caller from Wyoming left a very long message on our call-in line. We play it.

  • Also in the mailbag, storybook characters and Eric Ebron.

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