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Ask POD: The time for lists

Minicamp begins soon, but we're making the proud tradition of list-making a reality on the PODcast

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PODcast is rolling back into town, which means more opportunities for mailbag. Really, great on y'all that keep sending us questions, because god knows how long we've been wringing you dry through this offseason to help fuel our takes and our attempts to divide the Pride Of Detroit staff into numerous different sects based on breakfast foods, pizza decisions, television analogies and all the like. It's almost like football has passed without us knowing because we're at each other's throats.

If you're new to the proceedings, here's the lowdown: we're recording the PODcast, our own Lions podcast, this week and we always dedicate our final section to a wide-ranging mailbag about football and other things of that nature. Got a question about the Lions? Send it our way. Got a question about what pizza topping is verboden? Cool. Want to know our takes on E3 and Hideo Kojima's latest insane project? Why not.

So send those questions our way, drop them off in the comments or fire a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit on Twitter.

Also, download and subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes, or check us out now on Stitcher. You'll get your answers plus a great podcast about Lions football.

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