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PODcast #39: The top 10 quarterbacks of 2016

We call this one Listcast™ and we're taking it all in a new direction.

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There is a time in every offseason where men and women with good intentions lose composure. With nothing of particular note coming out of the Lions minicamp, Ryan Mathews grabbed the reigns of the PODcast and decided to take us out into the desert, where we proceeded to set about creating our next great work.

I'm talking about a list. A top ten list, of quarterbacks. We (Ryan, myself and Jeremy Reisman) each had one and we present them now, to you, the listener. It's actually pretty fun, and does not completely jump the shark. I think.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Fine, we'll talk about the cheerleaders for a hot minute.

  • The offensive line won't talk to Lions beat reporters. That's fine by us, I suppose.

  • Darius Slay may or may not have gotten the team bought out by Jay-Z with his dalliances.

  • Listcast, Quarterback Edition. The three of us present our top ten quarterbacks of 2016, removed from system, outstanding personnel to aid them, just for this next year alone on a brand new team. We agree in some places and ruthlessly take down one another where we disagree.

  • Also on the Listcast, Quarterback Edition, we present Matthew Stafford's place in our hierarchy.

  • Mailbag, because of course we have to do the mailbag. We talk about late night talk shows, summer time drinking and Ryan shows total disdain for the beautiful game.

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