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PODcast #40: Listcasting the top ten wide receivers of 2016

The LISTCAST protocols continue. We must rank things.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

There are few words left that come to mind immediately when I write what proceeds the link to our iTunes feed and embedded player accompanied with weekly rundown of topics. You know the drill by now -- unless you are new, in which case I do a disservice by not writing more, to which I hope I can make it up for you another time. But this is a podcast, and we talk about football, sometimes about the Detroit Lions, and it's very fun and you should listen to it.

We brought you LISTCAST last week discussing which quarterbacks we'd want in 2016. Now it's the same: wide receivers. There's four of us, which means four lists of top ten, all scattered in different directions. Come on inside and discover our rankings.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Nothing to talk about for the Lions. Ho hum.

  • Hey let's talk about the Cavaliers for a couple minutes, and with that about long-suffering fanbases, storybook endings, all the rest.

  • Who are we kidding, you can't avoid the LISTCAST. I place DeAndre Hopkins way too low and someone else puts Dez Bryant way too high and in general this one's far more messy than the quarterbacks list. It's really fun and this is honestly what we're here for.

  • We can't forget mailbag, where it's our duty to talk about celebrity potlucks, football in Los Angeles, football in Las Vegas and the proper way to deal with a crushing Lions loss.

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