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Former Lions player shot while breaking into home naked

Yeah that's about right.

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Stanley Wilson Jr. spent only a few seasons with the Detroit Lions, drafted in 2005 but done and out of the Lions and the league by '08 on account of injury. If you don't remember him that might be natural for the case at hand, but the news late Thursday night ended up impressionable enough to nearly double the size of his Wikipedia entry.

Wilson, a cornerback out of Stanford and son of another Stanley Wilson who played for the Bengals in the '80s, was arrested Thursday afternoon in Portland, Oregon on the charges of burglary and trespassing. Police pulled Stanley out of a water fountain after he had been shot (presumably by the homeowner) and took him to the hospital.

The homeowner of the Portland residence claimed that Stanley Wilson was allegedly attempting to break into that home while naked.

At this time, no one's quite sure why Wilson was breaking into the home, or why he was naked. Those are certainly the key parts that are being researched, perhaps not quite in that order.

Another Portland area homeowner told KGW-8 that she had encountered Stanley Wilson Jr. in her own home earlier on Thursday. The shoeless Stanley Wilson asked her if she needed anything, and then when asked what he was doing there informed her that he was in the wrong home and left. Somewhere between that reported incident and the time when he was shot, he seems to have lost the rest of his clothes.

Wilson was drafted out of Stanford by the Lions in 2005. He never really had much of an impact on a team that was already going southbound to Hell, and when he tore his Achilles prior to the 2008 season the Lions waived him. That was the end of his playing career.

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