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PODcast #41: Listing the top 10 running backs of 2016

The third listcast is getting more heated.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting close to the end on the offensive side of the ball for LISTCAST/listicast/listcast/patent pending, but we're throwing together the heat before June is all said and done. If you haven't been keeping up, we've been running down our top ten players for certain positions for the 2016 season; who you would want on a NFL team for one season and one season alone.

It's a fun exercise, everyone loves lists, and the Pride Of Detroit staff is learning new things about ourselves; mostly just how much we find ways to disagree with one another in vehemently terrible ways. That really shows itself this week as we talk about running backs. Really, that's all we did here. The discussion got passionate and it was all very excellent; so excellent we ran this one uncut and devoted the entire PODcast to it.

But the four of us aren't the only ones making lists. A special Pride Of Detroit celebrity makes his list known near the end of the PODcast, and you don't want to miss this one.

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